Karate Theory Manual - the white to black belt journey

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Product Details

  ISBN 9781329587540
  4th Edition, Pages: 202 
  Publisher: Lulu & the TJKN
  Published 2016
  Binding: Paperback
  Interior Ink: B&W
  Dimensions (inches) 8.5x11

Primary Author:
  Dr Jason Armstrong, 7th Dan, Shihan

Supporting authors:
  John Sells, 8th dan, Hanshi
  Dr Greg Story, 6th dan, Shihan
  Dr Sarven McLinton, 3rd dan
  Greg &Jaki Scovell, 4th & 3rd dan
  Dr Michael Doucet, 2nd Dan 
  Kim Opoku-Nti, 2nd dan
  Caitlin Edwards, 1st dan
  Nick Lukich, 4th dan