Goju karate lineage - wiki chart

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This page is desgined to allow anyone to contribute to a Goju karate family tree or "genealogy" chart using a wiki collaborative tool. We decided to create some very simple rules to make debates over hierarchy, styles etc. simple and create a focus on the most likely nature of an instrcutor's approach to the art by classifying via what the majority of their training to date has been - ra
ther than focusing solely on styles or most recent rank issued. Seven sub-pages with charts exist to attempt to cover most of the major straeams of karate.

Rules that classify someone's chart position: - adhere to these when posting/editing a name into a chart:

1. They must hold at least the rank of shodanover 18yrs old, and
2. They must be placed underneath the person who appears most often on their assorted Dan rank certificates, and 
3. They must be placed underneath someone they spent more than 1 year training with directly or on a regular basis -

The aim is to represent the primary influence on an instructors lifetime of karate study, not to record recent shifts in organizational reporting or necessarily the last rank issued. Once someone has had a majority of their ranks issued to them by a given individual it is assumed that best represents their primary lineage, and hence their position in the chart. While not a perfect system, trying to show everyone's broad experiences and belt rank connections together in one chart is a task that is not really feasible given the diversity of travels and exposure senior
karate-ka generally have.

Keep it simple - name and style only - the chart is about one's position in a lineage not about age, other people they trained with or 
how long they trained.

Below is the Goju lineage chart. Click the below categories to jump to the webpage representing the other karate lineages.

At the bottom of this page is the link to edit the chart - it simply requires you understand basic spreadsheet function and follow a few simple rules which are posted in the linked spreadsheet (or ask someone you know who can do it). The charts are backed up monthly in case users spam it, or corrupt it. If you see a corrupt chart please contact us and we will flip it back to the version from the prior month.

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Goju lineage (family tree)

This chart is for a lineage starting from Higaonna Kanryo forward. Only place people in this chart who have a direct line to Higaonna Kanryo. While other styles call themselves Goju also, please place none Higaonna derived Goju into the "Okinawan/other styles" chart.