South Australia Karate Camp (Gasshuku) 2015

Multi-Style camp: 

All traditional Japanese/Okinawan Karate styles welcome 

karate camp queensland australia


Featured Instrcutors:

Kyoshi Valentino Cox (7th-dan) - his style is Uechi-Go-Ryu is a fusion of UechiRyu, Goju Ryu and Shorinji Kempo.

Sarven McLinton (3rd-dan) - Shito-ryu

Adrian Cartland (2nd-dan) - Goju-ryu

Retreat location: 

To Be Announced

Schedule (dates TBA)


  6-8pm - arrival and check in

  8pm til late - recreation (socialising over drinks and games at your leisure)


  6-8am - Kihon fundamental principles


  10-12noon - Kata Seipai 


  2-5pm - Kumite drills, jiyu-kumite, and judging


  6-9pm - Recreation time and instructor meetings 

  9pm - Supper 


  6-7am - Stretching yoga session

  7-8am - Self Defence and Psychology awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation


  10-12noon - Bunkai Seipai 

  12:30 - official close and bow-out

  Pack up, clean up rooms & head home

2 options for attendance & Cost: 

1. Full Camp Attendee:  $135  ($145 for non TJKN members)

  - includes all accommodation (Friday & Saturday night) 
  - includes
all meals (Saturday & Sunday) 
- includes all training and activities 

2. Individual Training Activity:  $20/session

   - single class cost (no food or board)

Inquiries: email us, or 
contact senpai Sarven for details. 

What to bring 

Pillows & sheets to cover mattress 
Blankets and/or sleeping bag 
Non marking shoes for hard court 
Bats, balls, tennis, etc 
Water bottles, towel, hat, sunscreen, toiletries, uniform etc 

Camp Site has 
Large grassed playing areas 
Multi purpose hard court for tennis, ball sports
Kids play ground



Seipai kata DVD download video karate bunkai