Queensland Karate Camp for Adults/Higher Ranks, 2017

karate camp queensland australiakarate camp beach

                                      This year's camp has been organized by Sensei Greg Scovell, many thank to Sensei Greg!         

Featured Instructors:

Special Guest Instructor: Vern Vaden Sensei from California.

Shihan Jason Armstrong (7th Dan, Shito-ryu) - lived in student of a "Master" in Japan & has placed in international kata & kumite events 

Kyoshi Valentino Cox (7th Dan) - his style is Uechi-Go-Ryu is a fusion of UechiRyu, Goju Ryu and Shorinji Kempo.

Sensei Garry Edwards (5th Dan, Shito-ryu) - International Karate Association world champion 1991 & Koshiki World Titles 3rd place 1994, Ozawa Las Vegas multi-placings 2010 

Renshi Jason Griffiths (5th Dan) - a grappling, kobudo and bunkai focused Okinanwan karate practitioner

Sensei Greg Scovell (4th dan, Shito-ryu) - studying martial arts since 1972 he has trained in Japan, Malaysia, the USA and Australia. In addition to Shito-ryu (his core) he has also achieved black belt equivalents in KungFu, TaeKownDo & Kyokushin.

Sensei Sarven McLinton (3rd Dan, Shito-ryu) - lived in Japan, Doctorate in Psychology and Iaido shodan. 

Retreat location: 

Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre

80 Currimundi Road, Currimundi QLD 4551


Friday 6th October

Check in after 2pm

4:00 – 6:00   Randori (free training with instructors floating)

7pm Dinner

Saturday 7th October

6:30 -7:30  All ranks Kihon led by Vern sensei

6:00-6:30  Bow in & warm up led by Vern sensei

7:30-8am Kihon   session break up by rank:

Sensei Greg Group1 Nidan & above

Sensei Sarven Group2 2nd kyu & Shodan

Sempai Kim Group3 3rd kyu and below

8:15-9:30          Breakfast

9:30-12: Kata

   Sensei Vern giving a 30 min talk to entire group on ref expectations and kata presentation

       30min    Juni no kata (taikyoku) in 3 Groups

   Sensei Vern group 1, Sensei Wayne group 2, Sensei Sarven group 3

10:30 – 12:00    Kata & Bunkai

   Jion     Renshi Griffith & Sensei Vern Group 1 (Nidan & above)

   Rohai     Sempai Jaki Group 2 (2nd kyu & Shodan)

   Sochin     Sempai Paul Beavon Group 3 (3rd kyu and below)

12:15 - 1:30        Lunch

13:30 - 16:30        3 groups rotating through 4 Sensei in 45 minute sessions
    Kyoshi Valentino: shoot & shoot defence

    Renshi Griffith: TBA

    Sensei Vern: TBA

    Sensei Garry: TBA

16:30 bow out

16:45 -17:30        Seniors open discussion with Sensei Vern on Budo , Fudoshin, Bunbu Ryodo etc?

18:00 Dinner

19:00 Beach bonfire-

Sunday 8th October

6am        Bow in warm up Renshi Grirriths

6:30-8am     Impact/strike drills
                    High energy quick 30 minute rotation in 3 groups  - Kyoshi Valentino, Sensei Gavin, Sensei Vern

8:15-9:30    Breakfast

9:30- 10:00 kumite drills
    Sensei Vern Group 1 (Nidan & above)

    Sensei Sarven Group 2 (2nd kyu & Shodan)

    Sempai Ashliegh Group 3 (3rd kyu and below)

10:00 - 12:00 kumite

12:00 bow out

2:30 - 13;15    Lunch

Beach session 14:00 - 15:00

Attendance & Cost: 

Fri & Sat nite accommodation + all meals + training 
  - includes all meals  Sat &, Sun 
  - includes all training Activities & Classes 

  - prices $155 for those training 
(for people from Dojos who are members of the Traditional Japanese Karate Network) 

  • $145 if you arrive late and can't get to Fridays dinner
  • non-training parents accompanying kids are $125 adults & $120 kids (includes 2 nights accomm & meals)

  - Non-Network members price: Adults $190 for 2 nights accomm., food & training (kids under 12 are $165) i.e. for people from Dojos
     who are are not members of the Traditional Japanese Karate Network) 

  - please contact Sensei Greg for pricing if you are a non-training parent accompanying a junior 

Inquiries: email us , or call Sensei Greg
ph 54786996 or 0410465584

What to bring 

Pillows & sheets to cover mattress 
Blankets and/or sleeping bag 
Non marking shoes for hard court 
Bats, balls, tennis, etc 
Water bottles, towel, hat, sunscreen, toiletries, uniform etc 

Camp Site has 
Walk to beach
Large grassed playing areas 
Multi purpose hard court for tennis, ball sports
Kids play ground



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