Aug 2017

posted May 5, 2017, 1:47 PM by Jason Armstrong   [ updated Aug 14, 2017, 1:25 AM ]
Aug 27th: Northern Beaches Karate Dojo – Sunday, 27th August Beach Session – 8:30am-10am at Bucasia Beach, opposite the cafe.

Aug 17th: Jason Armstrong Shihan, all ranks seminar in Adelaide: ido, kumite & kata bunkai for sanseiru - West Beach dojo 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Aug 12th: Fig Tree Pocket dojo. Pathway to Sensei seminar number three. 11am-5pm (join us for an early dinner at a local restaurant if you can afterwards - Harajuku Gyoza Indooroopilly). Seminar topics, times & relevant ranks:

11am-11:30:  Kihon & Ippon Kumite theory: foci on midset & Ippon Kumite - "the greats (Kanazawa, Iba, Sells, Young, Greg Story, Tanaka...) grew up & lived on Ippon Kumite in their curriculum. How does it relate to WKF and your fighting as you age". Jason Armstrong Shihan - instructors only
11:30-12        Boxing Drills & Comparisons to Karate mainstream impact methods. Boxing guest: Darren instructors & invited kyu ranks 
12:00-12:30  The higher Dan ranks - standards and what they mean by Jason Armstrong Shihan -  instructors & invited kyu ranks 
12:30-1pm     Lunch break
1pm-1:45      Chinto embusen (overview; so if possible review prior to arrival (  -  instructors & invited kyu ranks    
1:45-2:15      Chinto Bunkai - Jason Griffiths Renshi & Greg Scovell Sensei -  instructors & invited kyu ranks     
2:15-3pm       Zen in the Martial Arts by Jason Armstrong Shihan - instructors & invited kyu ranks
3pm-3:30  Kihon & Tachi kata drills in detail (hips & shikodachi themes) by Jason Armstrong Shihan - instructors & invited kyu ranks
3:30-5pm       Pinan Sandan (45 mins embusen & 45 mins bunkai) by Jason Griffiths Renshi - instructors & invited kyu ranks
5:30pm-         Re-gorup at Harajuku Gyoza for dinner for those that can make it (Indooroopilly Shopping town) - instructors & kyu ranks

Cost for Dan ranks below sandan $50, cost for Kyu ranks for the select sessions $25

1st: Jason Armstrong Shihan, all ranks seminar in Adelaide - Magill dojo 6pm.