April 2017

posted Jan 1, 2017, 5:16 PM by Jason Armstrong   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 3:22 AM ]
30th: Northern Beaches Karate Dojo  Beach Session, Bucasia Beach. 8-9:30am.

29th (now re-scheduled to later in the year): Black Belt Training, Qld. "Pathway to Sensei" course, session #3 (the last in series). 11am to 5pm at Fig Tree Pocket Dojo, Fig Tree Pocket Primary School - main assembly hall. Cost $50 for those not yet holding a sensei title.

We will be doing the next set of theory/philosophy topics upfront, then kihon drills, boxing comparison drills, work our way in depth through Chinto (Gankaku) & Pinan Sandan then to kumite & refereeing. As a reminder, if you have time to brush up on your refereeing terminology & gestures as illustrated in our "Speaking Japanese for Martial Artists" book, please do so. Also a new video covering off on Chinto will provide fore learning for anyone motivated given we will not spend a lot of time on Chinto's embusen. Click here for that content..

28th: Redlands Shito-ryu Dojo - Yudansha-kai Keiko.  Greg Sensei & Jason Shihan to visit Redlands.

25th Northern Beaches Karate Dojo 5-6pm Games night. 6-7pm Senior Class.

22nd-23rd: Inter-club Tachi kata and Pinan kata tournament for Buderim & Mapleton dojo(s) at Mapleton dojo.

20th: Northern Beaches Karate Dojo 5-6pm Awards/New Ranks. 6-7pm Senior Class.

18th: Northern Beaches Karate Dojo term 2 classes commence, 5-6pm all grades, 6-7pm seniors

17th: Term 2 starts for Fig Tree Pocket Dojo

13th-16th. Las Vegas Ozawa Cup. 3555 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas.

11th: Kururunfa kata-Bunkai and Two-person Futarigeiko by Renshi Jason Griffiths, 5th Dan. South Australia, Littlehampton Primary SContact: Josh Smith (Goju-Ryu a Karate) Joshua.S.Smith@me.com.

9th: PM: Explore the rich amount of Clinch-based fighting techniques found in Seiunchin kata that is synonymous with in-close Goju-Ryu Bunkai by Renshi Jason Griffiths, 5th Dan. Location: Academy of Self-Defence and Martial Arts (ASDMA). Corner of Darley Road and Crowle Road, Paradise SA. Contact: Jason Griffiths 0431 200 192

9th: Pathway to Sensei Course #3 by Kyoshi Valentino & Renshi Jason Griffiths, 5th Dan. South Australia, Location: Academy of Self-Defence and Martial Arts (ASDMA). Corner of Darley Road and Crowle Road, Paradise SAContact Sarven McLinton Shito-Ryu Karate

8-9th: The Australian Traditional Japanese Karate Championship & associated seminars led by Renshi Jason Griffiths (Pathway to sensei course & Seienchin drill/bunkai seminar). Adelaide. see webpage for details & entry.

7-9th: Australia Open Karate Championship - Sports Karate (AKF). Whitlam Leisure Centre, 90 Memorial Ave, Liverpool NSW 2170,

7-9th Oceania Senior Karate Championship (WKF Sports Karate event). Whitlam Leisure Centre, 90 Memorial Ave, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia.

8th: AM - Dirty Boxing Striking to Takedowns by Renshi Jason Griffiths, 5th Dan - closed Session (Invite Only) Location: Centennial Sea Scouts Hall, 47 Adelaide Tce, St Mary's. Contact: Paul Tsiavlis AMOK Strategic Combatives

7th: Practical Bunkai - Tekki/Naihanchi & associated Two-person Drills by Renshi Jason Griffiths, 5th Dan. South Australia, Location: Adelaide Academy of Karate-do Shotokan 3/615 North East Road, Gilles Plains, SA 5086.Contact: Dave Rigby (Shotokan Karate) 0418 802 097

6th: Grappling/Groundwork Basics by Renshi Jason Griffiths, 5th Dan. South Australia, Location: Chikara Budo dojo West Beach Primary school, 3 Woodhead street, West Beach. Contact Sarven McLinton Shito-Ryu Karate

5th: Practical Bunkai - Kanku Dai by Renshi Jason Griffiths, 5th Dan. South Australia, Location: BodySmith Fitness 84b Dyson Road, Noarlunga Centre 5168 Starting at 7pm. Contact: Matt Smith (Shotokan Karate) 0402 781 733.

1st: Pomona Karate Championships (JKA). Sunshine Coast.