Karate Business Plan

Martial Arts & Karate Business Plan Download

Learn how to strategically plan your dojo from people who are experts in martial arts and business finance....

The primary author of the template is a corporate CEO who also is an internationally recognized Karate Instructor

Use our business plan package to:
      • -  learn new ways to improve your current martial arts income
  • - save yourself 1 week of time, it takes that long to write a business plan correctly - our template saves you most of that time
  •  - better understand strategies behind the martial arts business
  •  - reality check yourself that you are ready to start your own dojo and make profit
  •  - write a business plan to help secure a bank loan (this plan has received bank loan
         approval for a Traditional japanese Karate Network dojo)

It will answer questions to:

What do financial people and bankers look for in a business plan?

What sections should I write in business plan?

How can I do a business plan that helps me grow my own martial arts?

Download our Martial Arts business plan template and user notes for just US$19...

karate business plan japan martial arts dojo
The plan is supplied in multiple file formats (Microsoft Word file format, PDF, and plain text) then simply edit with your costs and income numbers. The plan will allow you to grow your business using corporate business strategies for growth. Partnering models exist to grow the business (outlined in detail in our "Art of War" for business online video course). The template system is priced at just US$19 - a fraction of what many martial arts business plan packages cost (e.g. most companies like NAPMA charge between $500 and $1000 for a karate business plan - and they have often have little corporate financial experience!).

In addition to the written text (with tables, standard financial layout and marketing approaches) the download includes a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to provide a model for cash flow/profit projections in a complex multi-ranked student scenario.

 Our purchase system is via secure credit card or Paypal which gives you access to the download page so you can download the documents.

Discussed in the Martial Arts Business Plan template and user notes is:
  • Dojo profits, and dojos as a business
  • sections and structure for a dojo business plan
  • Relevant to Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, judo, Aikido
  • Demograhic strategies
  • How to add talented people in their late teens & 20s such as university students
  • finances and dojo cash flow
  • Branch dojos for additional revenue
  • Marketing strategies
  • Location ideas

More Details:
karate dojo business plan martial arts
The author, Dr. Armstrong (6th Dan) has worked in the world of finance through Venture Capital, and through holding multiple CEO roles in USA and Japanese coampnies - he understands business and what should be in a business plan. Applied Zen's website also offers a video course for general business growth in the form of a video download "The Art of War for Business" - which can further supplement your ability to grow a business.

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