Gassho Kata & Bunkai

gassho zen monk karate kata

The shito-yu practised version of Gassho kata stems from the Himeji dojo(s) in the Kansai region of Japan. This video talks about its little known heritage and demonstrates the kata full power, walk through and bunkai. The kata is practiced by such dojos(s) as the shito-ryu styles within the Traditional Japanese Karate Network and Renbukan.

合掌 The kanji naming the kata match the zen monk greeting posture which open the kata and this position is seen in a few places across the martial arts. The kata is typically taught and practiced at nidan level and is a particularly wide variety of techniques relative to many other shito-ryu kata (e.g. kicking & stance variety).

gassho kata bunkai karate
Full length Video on Gassho Kata & Bunkai 

The kata is performed by Jason Armstrong, 7th dan with bunkai performed by both Renshi Jason Griffiths (5th Dan) & Sensei Greg Scovell (4th Dan). Its little known heritage is covered and the video demonstrates the kata full power, walk through and bunkai (22min)