Jion Kata & Bunkai

Jion Kata & Bunkai Seminar Video for download or Free streaming
covers both Shotokan & Shito-ryu versions

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The footage was taken in a seminar hosted by Sensei Victor Young (8th Dan Shotokan) with input on Shito-ryu variations for Jion's pattern provided by Sensei Jason Armstrong (7th dan). Supporting kata performances are included by Senpai Sean Danaher (5th Dan Shotokan) and Senpai Nick Lukich (4th Dan Shito-ryu). All ranks listed above were at the time of filming in 2007.

The content on this page focuses solely on Jion's Kata patterns & bunkai. The patterns are performed with Shotokan and Shito-ryu examples (e.g. Shukokai, Shitokai, Renbukan & other Shito-ryu styles) and  bunkai are explained in a step by step fashion.

You may choose to watch a free streaming version of the seminar using the below player, or purchase a file download which you keep forever.

2 ways to access this video course:
   1. Free streaming video (below is for Part 1 of 3 only)...

The primary instructor for the online kata video downloads, Jason Armstrong, Ph.D. (7th Dan) has lived and trained with a master in Japan and has more than 20 years experience teaching karate in Japan, the USA and Australia. He also worked at CEO level in Corporate Japan.


Jion the kata name (kanji above LHS) translates to "temple sound" or "temple ground"

Sensei Young (right) with Nakayama Sensei in the 1970s. Funakoshi sensei passed the leadership of the JKA to Nakayama sensei on his death.

Sensei Young has had expsoure over his long karate career to many such famous instructors as: Funakoshi, Kenneth Sensei, Kanazawa Sensei, Seto Sensei and Nakayama sensei.

Jion Kata Seminar Part 1

More detail on Sensei Young, 8th Dan:

 - has been training in the Japanese martial arts around 50 years

 - Sensei Young trained with & received his 2nd Dan from Kanazawa sensei many decades ago. 

-  has competed internationally in kata and kumite

-  Sensei Young oversees dojos in the USA, Canada and Australia through the Traditional Japanese 
   Karate Network

The above videos for download are designed for viewing on a PC (Windows Media Files - WMV) and are 640x480 resolution.