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Japanese Language Video Course designed for Martial Artists:
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Native Japanese speaking examples...

This basic course on the Japanese language and its use in the dojo and for getting around Japan is specifically designed for martial arts. The course is structured into 7 separate video files for easy download.

The narration for the online Japanese language audio video download is by Jason Armstrong P.h.D, who has lived and trained with a master in Japan and has more than 20 years experience teaching karate in Japan, the USA and Australia. He also worked at CEO level in Corporate Japan. Native Japanese on the course is spoken by Master Uetake (8th Dan Shito-ryu) and Mayuko Sumida. DownloadKarate-BioProperty thanks them for their time and effort.

Free Streaming Video - Introduction to Japanese Language Course

This Japanese audio & video course covers:

    • basic language skills to speak Japanese
  • karate terminology and correct pronounciation
  • over 210 words spoken by a native speaker
  • over 65 sentence and grammar examples
  • example dialog filmed in Japan on greeting a Japanese sensei
  • learn to to talk about karate in Japanese
  • referee word pronounctiation, protocols hand symbols
  • will provide most people with material that will providea 1-2 months of ongoing learning

Full Video Course Details (the course comes complete with 7 parts)

karate in japan speak japanese

Video Part 1, Introduction to the course and outline of lessons (11 min 30sec, 16MB)

Correct pronounciation and vocabulary is impartant in a traditional dojo. Also how would one greet and talk to a visiting Japanese sensei? The sample intro video discusses the topics outlined below for each part of this Japanese course. 

Video Part 2, Introduction to Japanese language structure and speaking  (11MB)

     - martial arts terminology 
     - language structure and grammar
     - character orgins and types
     - sentence structure around budo topics
     - some Japanese  philosophical terms 

   Video Part 3, More on  Japanese language structure and speaking (6MB)

        - more martial arts terminology 
        - more particles and their use
        - disecting a Japanese dialog part 1
        - more about techniques and describing them
        - philosophical terms 

talking meeting japanese sensei language
Video Part 4,  Meeting and talking to a Japanese sensei about Karate & life  (11MB)

- more martial arts terminology
- intorducing yourself correctly
- disecting a Japanese dialog part 2
- asking a sensei about his dojo and work
- talking about your own dojo 

counting in japanese martial arts karate
 Video Part 5, Counting, Time, and dojo terminology (11MB) 

- more martial arts terminology
- couting with correct pronounciation
- time, karate trainng lengths, speed and slow descriptors
- disecting a Japanese dialog part 3
- describing stances and angles
- discusssing student trainign and student numbers 

karate referee speaking martial arts tournament injuries anatomy
Video Parts 6 & 7, Referee terminology Injuries, Body parts & pronunciation  (15MB)

- more martial arts terminology
- counting with correct pronounciation
- time, karate trainng lengths, speed and slow descriptors
- bringing together an entire dialog on meeting a sensei
- describing stances and angles
- discusssing student trainign and student numbers
                                          - referee terms and protocols and examples 


A book has also now been authored which accompanies this video course (ISBN 978-1-4092-8154-2) and is a separate purchase..