West Beach Karate, Adelaide

Personal Development primary focus

           Practical Self Defence                                 Traditional & Competition                  
Coordination Building       

The Instructors

Shihan Tracy Ellis
 is the Chikara Budo senior instructor. Tracy graded early this year with the International Budo Federation to Godan (5th level black belt) which carries the title of Shihan. With over 20 years karate experience which was mostly spent in karate training with the Go Kan Ryu karate club. Tracy also helped setup Yu Ki Do and was the elected secretary of the Australian Martial Arts Association (AMAA) from 2003 to 2005. She has also trained with Aiki Budo.

Sensei Damien graded to Sandan in December 2007 and has over 20 years martial arts experience. Most of this (over 10 years) was karate training with the Go Kan Ryu karate club. He then helped to setup a smaller karate club - Yu Ki Do before creating Chikara Budo with Tracy sensei. Damien has also trained with Aiki Budo and been a committee member of the AMAA.

Beginners don't need karate uniforms 

- we stock for you to purchase if you decide to sign up for a term

About the Style we Practice

Karate fundamentals in our Chikara budo club are based on shotokan and goju ryu styles will train you in basic techniques, advanced techniques, kata, bunkai (practical applications) and kumite (non-contact sparring). Also covered are introductory jujitsu techniques including break falls, basic throws and basic locks

Within the Traditional Japanese Karate Network we have a great support network with 7th & 8th degree black belts in Japan, United States and Australia who sit on our grading panels, run seminars and attend our camps.

Videos on Basic Technique for White to Orange belts:
 - filmed mid-1990s & adult focused teaching style

karate history

4. Introduction to Lower Block...

5. Introduction to kick (knee/ankle lift variant 1)...

karate stances beginners

6. Introduction to Kiai...

7. Upper Block...

8. Punching Harder & Faster...

9. What is Kata...

10. Basic Karate Drills...

Note: These videos cover an initial understanding of technique in one variant

How to tie your belt

  - you need to be able to for your belt test if you are 6yrs old or older

Know how to tie your karate belt

First lesson free 

Students are often surprised that they can have fun while getting a tough workout. We are proud that we can provide one of the few activities for whole families to participate in together

Students are encouraged to arrive at their class 15 minutes early to warm up before training begins

New students can join any time.

Training Times    Mondays & Thursdays 
                                  6:30pm to 7:30pm juniors (6-13) & beginners
                                  7:30pm to 9pm seniors & advanced

Karate Dojo location  & Contact Details

West Beach Primary School, Adelaide
South Australia    


West Beach Primary School

With some hot days coming up don't forget that if the temperature is forecast to be 36 degrees or above head straight to beach in front of the public toilets near the West Beach Surf Life Saving club.  We will train on the beach and in the water so wear bathers under your Gi.   

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  • Queensland competitors in Aust Champs
    Four of the Queensland kids competitors from the Fig Tree Pocket dojo who visited Adelaide for the Australian Traditional Karate Championships run by our organization. They all managed to pick up a few medals in their respective divisions.
    FTP kids Adelaide national champs 2017.JPG - Google Drive
    Posted Apr 11, 2017, 4:03 AM by Jason Armstrong
  • Qld Junior Traditional Championships
    The Queensland Junior Traditional Karate Network Championships 2017 - DownloadKarate - The Traditional Japanese Karate NetworkQld Junior Traditional Karate Network Championships 2017
    - the webpage is now open for registrations

    We have finally decided to put a tournament together to cater from 4yrs to 11yrs of age. The web sign-up page & rules are a clone of our Australian Traditional Karate Championships but applied at the Qld level.

    We are creating a good diversity of events for kids, especially for younger ones a little like some JKA & Shito events I saw in in Japan (but with one novel addition of a "theory competition"). Regardless of kids rank/age, the idea is to get them warmed to the tournament scene. Many of the kids competing from our organisation will be white to orange, so it will cater to to low ranks also. Older kids will also be eligible for 5 event types. Events include:

    The event will be at Fig Tree Pocket State School (near Kenmore). There will be 3 rings and how long the day goes will depend on entrant numbers, but the youngest age group (4-6yrs) will likely be all done on rings 1 & 2 within an hour. Ring 3 will start the older kids cycling through divisions from 10am and once the Little Tigers are done older ages will then be on all 3 rings.

    The full webpage & rules (with videos showing event types) is at:
    Posted Feb 18, 2017, 11:04 PM by Jason Armstrong
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