Seaside Shotokan Dojo California

Seaside Shotokan Dojo, Marina Del Rey

"The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants" 

- Gichin Funakoshi Founder of Shotokan Karate-do

Dojo Photo: Our dojo is one of the few free standing dojos in the Los Angeles area, with over 1500sq ft. of hard wood floor.

About Sensei Penny Ringwood:

Sensei Ringwood has 28 years experience in the 
traditional style of Japanese Shotokan Karate-do. Her primary tuteledge under the direction of world renowned instructor, Master Hidetaka Nishiyama, 9th Dan - President of the American Amateur Karate Federation and Chairman of the worldwide organization, the International Traditional Karate Federation. See Sensei Penny's karate lineage on the Shotokan family tree....

* Received 5th Dan in January 2006 from Sensei Ray Dalke. 

* Received 4th Dan in September 1994 from Nishiyama Sensei . All preceding Dan ranks received from Nishiyama Sensei 

* National/ International United States ITKF Team Member from 1985-1998. 

* Official Coach with U.S.A. team - 7th World ITKF Karate Championships - Treviso, Italy, October 1994. 

* One of the foremost senior female instructors of J.K.A. style Karate-do in the United States, established and operating independently in Marina Del Rey/Playa Del area for the past eighteen years. 

* Most prolific AAKF/ITKF competitor (male or female) in the 80`s and 90`s: Four time AAKF National Individual Kata Champion 1989, 1990, 1995, and 1996 (1st in individual and team Kata). Two-time silver medalist `87 & `88. three-time silver medalist - team kata `86, `87 `88 

* Bronze Medal winner, Team Kata 6th Pan American Championships, Brazil, 1985 

* Double Gold Medal winner (individual and team Kata) at the 7th ITKF Pan-American Karate Championships held in Mexico, December, 1991. 

* Silver Medalist (Enbu) at the ITKF 6th World Karate Championships held in Montreal, Canada, November, 1992. 

* Individual Kata, Gold medalist at the 8th ITKF Pan-American Karate Championships held in Puerto Rico, October, 1993. 

* 4th Place finalist, 8th Pan American Championships, Argentina, 1995 

* Silver Medalist, Individual Kata, ITKF 8th World Karate Championships, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1996. 

* Sensei Ringwood is much sought after for her karate experience and expertise. She has presented seminars and clinics at advanced level for the following dojos: USKL Shotokan, Upland; Arcadia Shotokan; West L.A. Shotokan; Tom Serrano`s IKA, Pasadena; David Blair`s Fontana Shotokan; Victor Young`s Camarillo Shotokan; Bradley Webb`s Japan Shotokan Karate, Dallas and Imperial College/University Shotokan Club, United Kingdom. She continues to teach monthly seminars Fall to Spring at her dojo and puts on special events, with such legendary guest instructors as James Yabe, Ray Dalke and James Field and Richard Amos. 

* Sensei Ringwood is a featured instructor for the Blackbelt Video Magazine Series, Spring 2001, volume 20. 

* Martial arts consultant/instructor and personal trainer to Melissa George ( for the 2002 ABC show "Thieves", "Alias"). 

Having trained with some of the best JKA and SHOTOKAN instructors in the world (Nakayama, Nishiyama, Enoeda, Shirai, Kanazawa, Yaguchi, Kawazoe, Haramoto, Mori, Marchini, Yabe, Dalke, Schmidt, Field, Murakami and many more) Sensei Ringwood continues her studies attending seminars regularly and taking training classes whenever possible. 

sensei penny ringwood karate
Sensei Penny Ringwood

Seaside Shotokan

177 Culver Blvd. 
Playa Del Rey, Ca. 90293 
(310) 578-1789

Classes are held in the mornings, lunchtimes, afternoons & evenings. For a full schedule please go to:

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