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Beginner to Black Belt and Beyond for Men, Women & Children of all ages. We have a full time airconditioned studio in beautiful Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia for Karate, martial arts & fitness enthusiasts. Discover traditional Karate & dynamic self defence, everyone benefits from our diverse range of Karate and Karate fitness classes. We also have a pro shop to cater for your martial arts equipment and clothing needs. Karate-do is one of the top ten growing activities in the world today, have a look around our site and discover why! 

All Karate Budokan International instructors hold a minimum level 1 rating with the national coaching council of Australia and have successfully completed a Karate Budokan International instructor course. They are also required to attend regular instructor workshops. 

This thorough training develops professional, friendly instructors who have the goal of making your Karate experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

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About the primary Instructor:

Sensei Wayne MacDonald:

Wayne is a 7th Dan Black Belt and International Chief Instructor of Karate Budokan international. Wayne has been training in Karate since 1979 under the guidance of the Grand Master Mr. Richard Chew, and has been instructing Karate since 1983. Wayne moved with his wife Donna Sutor to Noosa Heads, Queensland in 1996 and has established a fulltime Dojo for Budokan in Noosaville with over 400 members. Wayne is highly respected as one of Australia`s elite Karate athletes over the past twenty years with 6 New South Wales titles 1986,87,88,89,90,91, 2 Queensland titles 1998 & 99 & 5 national Kumite titles. He was a member of the national team in 1986,87,88,89; his highest result at World Karate Federation level was the final 16 in 1988 at Cairo Egypt. He also achieved two world titles in the Karate Budokan International world championships in Penang 1987 and the Gold medal in the open weight division at the Kota Kinabalu international titles in Sabah in 1991. 
 See Sensei Wayne's karate lineage on a Karate family tree....

Free introductory program 

Karate Budokan offers a unique free introductory program, which will give you an idea of what you will be doing in our studio. 

This program consists of two lessons. During the first lesson you will be introduced to our instructors and given a tour of our studio and facilities. We then begin your first class, which is a private lesson (one on one). You will learn basic karate philosophy and etiquette; you will then learn some basic warm up and stretching exercises that you will be doing in your regular classes. We will also show you some basic self-defence that you can use immediately. This will give you an idea of how a class starts, what you will be doing in a regular class and how a class ends. This class will last approximately 30 minutes and then you will be scheduled in for your second class, which will be a regular class with other beginners just like yourself, adults with adults and children with children. 

In your second lesson you will be shown a few more stretching and warm up exercises. You will learn the basic beginner moves and combinations of Budokan Karate. This class will give you the opportunity to experience the class atmosphere and become more familiar and comfortable with your instructors, fellow students and the studio. 

During this introductory program we evaluate all of our potential students on attitude, confidence, desire, reaction, balance, flexibility, co-ordination and goals. Our program director will then recommend a membership option based upon our evaluation and then fit it to your budget on an individual basis.

Karate Budokan International has students from as young as 4 up to 65, with classes catering for skill level and age. Adults with adults and children with children in belt specific classes are a unique way of achieving the highest technique quality and ensuring the enjoyment during training. We have a team of professional, friendly instructors whose goal is to assist in the journey of all students to the rank of Black belt and beyond. The Noosaville Dojo is the headquarters for KBI around the world, which means that we have various members from other countries visiting regularly for training, workshops and seminars. 

First two lessons free! A unique obligation free program designed to give you the best possible introduction to Karate Budokan International.

                                       Sensei Wayne MacDonald 


9 Gibson Road
Noosaville QLD 4566
(07) 5455 5222

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