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Fitness - Flexibility - Core Strength - Confidence 
Self Defence - Sport & Competition

What is Karate? 
Karate is a traditional art of self defence that evolved in the islands of Okinawa and mainland Japan. It has since developed in to a popular pastime for millions around the world, and is also practiced as a competitive sport. At our dojo, we teach both traditional and modern aspects of karate to create a well rounded experience.

What types of classes do you run? 
Under 12`s: 
These classes are designed to develop basic motor skills (like balance and hand-eye coordination) whilst also introducing younger children to the traditional aspects of martial arts. Instructors reinforce discipline and etiquette whilst maintaining a good balance between serious training and light-hearted games designed to improve their karate. Confidence building exercises and school bullying are also covered. These classes maintain a high instructor-to-student ratio to ensure your child is receiving quality attention.

Adults: Adult classes see a variety of people, from high-school students, university students, working parents, all ranging from their teens to their 50`s - age is never a barrier. Classes are designed to suit anyone in any physical condition, whether you are just looking to get fit, or if you want to be pushed to your limit. Adult classes deal with self defence scenarios, physical conditioning, mental conditioning and meditation.

Seniors: These classes are limited to senior ranks (brown belts). The instructors provide personal attention to these students and higher level grading curriculum is the focus. This is also known as the `Black Belt Preparation Training` as it is frequented by those students intending to test for Shodan.

Advanced Seminars: These 90min seminars are held at City East Campus as the CBD provides a central location for the dojo of the Adelaide branch to meet. Held every month, these classes deal with a theme that is not typically covered in regular classes, including black belt level techniques, kata, and bunkai (sel

f defence applications). The topic and guest instructor are announced two weeks in advance, and the seminar is free for all Adelaide branch members.


Further discounts available when paying by term, which is a 3-month block that lines up roughly with school terms (Term 1 Jan-Mar; Term 2 Apr-Jun; Term 3 Jul-Sep; Term 4 Oct-Dec).

Individual: $40/month          (or $100/term) 
Training for an adult or an under 12 which covers attendance to as many classes per week as you like for a whole month. As a current member it is also free to train at other networked Adelaide dojo.

Family Pass: $90/month          (or $250/term)
Attendance to the appropriate classes for 3 or more members of the same family. This option is cheaper than paying three separate memberships and allows as many brothers, sisters, and parents to train as often as you like. Great for an affordable family activity!

UniSA Student Discount: $20/month          (or $50/term)
Current University of South Australia students receive a discount for joining through UniLife.

Where are we located?
UniSA Magill Campus, 
Magill Sports Centre 
(entrance and parking off Bundey St.) 

Come and Try your 

What do we do in class? 
We take the traditional Japanese approach to training, that is to establish a solid foundation of core techniques that can laster be used as framework for more esoteric knowledge. Essentially, early in your training you will drill a limited number of techniques to an intuitive level, so that if you are confronted with a self-defence or competition situation you will be able to employ them without conscious thought. With this strong foundation you will find it easy to learn more complicated techniques and to adapt to any situation. 
In a typical beginner’s class you will increase your strength, stamina and coordination through basic drills that involve a range of techniques, including strikes, blocks and escapes from a grappling attacker. These exercises are all organised to bring out your potential, increasing your flexibility, core strength and overall fitness whilst also learning how to effectively defend yourself. 


About our style.
The style we practice is Shito-Ryu Karate which was founded by Kenwa Mabuni. As a beginner this will be the core of your training and as you progress you will gain an understanding of other styles. Shito-Ryu possess the kata of both Goju and Shotokan, and it offers a good balance of “linear and hard” with “round and soft”. Therefore, the three styles are innately connected. In fact, Mabuni Sensei regularly collaborated with Funakoshi (Shotokan) and Miyagi (Goju) to work on concepts, techniques and kata. We honour this age-old tradition and so enjoy training with other styles/clubs and welcome students from the many forms of martial arts to come into our dojo and train with other like minded people. 

Feel free to call or email Sarven McLinton (0416 339 619) for more information or use the below email.

About our Instructor. 

Sempai Sarven McLinton has lived in Japan and trained in both Shito-ryu Karate and Kyokushin Karate in Australia & the USA. In the years that he lived in Japan Sarven trained at 2 karate dojo(s) daily and currently holds Sandan, a 3rd degree black belt. He also holds Shodan, 1st degree in Eishin-ryu Iaido and has taken Yusho, gold medal in prefectural championships. Sarven travels often, both nationally and internationally to further his knowledge of The Way.

Bundey St., Magill

Instructor: Sarven McLinton, 0416 339 619 for more information 

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    Last Saturday's tournament seemed to get a great deal of positive feedback from the visiting clubs. Especially in relation to its design for the young and low rank kids to experience their "first event". On our Facebook page there are a variety of pictures from the day some people have sent me or uploaded themselves (with some good ones of the Taiko drum performance).

    As previously mentioned, these events are all about the experience and personal development that occurs. There was a very broad range of kids receiving medals on the day, which was good to see, but most importantly it was how well the kids conducted themselves. They all behaved so well with good sportsmanship, respect for others and were so very engaged. They represented their respective ranks and dojo at the highest standard.

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  • Shito-ryu Fig Tree Pocket dojo visits UQ Okinawan dojo
    A big thank you to the University of Queensland dojo and Sinn Chew sensei for allowing a group of 10 Shito-ryu Fig Tree Pocket students to visit tonight. Osu!
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