Kenjufudokai Karate Dojo Japan

Kenjufudokai Karate Dojo Japan

A dojo lead by an 8th dan with experience in Shito-ryu and Shorinji Kenpo

Some of the  associated instructors
Ryuhei sensei, Uetake sensei, Armstrong sensei, Shiraoka sensei

The chief instructor (Uetake sensei) is currently Chairman of the Himeji Karate Fedration (which oversees about 40 dojo from different Japanese Karate styles). He trained for decades in the Renbukan Shito-Ryu system under Master Sotokawa and Master Iba. See Sensei Uetake's karate lineage on the Karate family tree....

He has named his current honbu dojo Kenjufduokai which translates to "Enjoying the way of studying the fist and an immvoable mind".

 For a detailed article on training inside Hanshi Uetake's dojo click here...


Shikitocho Yamasaki, Himeji

545-7 Yamasaki, Shikito-cho
Yamasaki Y430 
Himeji 671 0209 

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