Camarillo Shotokan Karate

Welcome to Ventura County`s oldest traditional Shotokan Karate dojo,
established in 1981

Camarillo Shotokan Karate Do Center offers authentic Japanese Karate (empty-hand) training at its finest to anyone from the age of three and up. The dojo (training hall) is structured in a traditional setting and students practice the classical JKA (Japan Karate Assoc.) style of Shotokan. In addition to the obvious physical techniques, we also teach proper etiquette, philosophy and Asian customs. 
Our dojo is recognized and accredited by the World Federation of Karate Do 
Organizations, a worldwide organization which acknowledges and accredits traditional karate schools. 

In addition to our weekly classes, we have had some great guest instructors who have trained with us. A few of these excellent teachers include: Sensei Stan Schmidt (8th Dan, JKA So. Africa), Sensei Harry Cook (author & historian from U.K.), Sensei Mike Stone (sparring champion who was undefeated in 91 consecutive matches), Sensei T. Namiki (7th Dan, Head Instructor JSKF), Sensei Wolfgang Dzonsko (Sonsbeck, Germany), Shihan Shalom Avitan (8th Dan, Israel), the late Shihan E. Hamile (8th Dan, founder of West Coast Shotokan), Sensei Nick Palise (6th Dan, JKA Michigan), Sensei Vern Vaden (ROKUDAN {6th Dan}., ITKF Kumite Champion), Sensei Penny Ringwood (ITKF International Women Kata Champion), Sensei Ruben Tinda-an (5th Dan, Chief Instructor in Philippines), Sensei Kensuke Seto (7th Dan, JKA) as well as others.Training Karate can be an enjoyable experience for all. Osu!

Lead instructor: Since the 1950`s Sensei Young has been practicing Japanese martial arts. He now resides in California and has had a tournament career that spanned over 35 years. He won competitions in Hawaii, California, Colorado and Mexico. He looks forward to sharing these experiences with his students. 

The excellence of his students continue to reflect his knowledge and teachings, not only in the dojo, but also in competition, sports and academics. His dojo is called the Camarillo Shotokan Dojo. He support and helps oversee the "Traditional Japanese Karate Network" with activities in the USA as well as visiting the Australian dojo(s).  See Sensei Young's karate lineage on the Shotokan family tree....

Sensei Shawn Danaher was born in 1981 in Camarillo, California. He began his karate training in 1993 under Marcus Young (Sensei Victor's son). Shawn received his 1st degree black belt in 1997 under Shihan Hiroyasu Fujishima. He was promoted to 2nd degree black belt by Sensei Young in ‘03, 3rd degree in ’06 and 4th degree in 2010.

Shawn has worked on several action films, including “The Power Within”, “Tiger Heart”, and recently auditioned for a reality series pilot, “The Next Martial Arts Superstar”. You can look him up on YouTube or Google his name and see pictures of him on the Red Carpet. He has organized and participated in “Stranger Danger” programs for local schools, which helped to educate students about the potential dangers of interacting with strangers. He has organized and participated in many local karate demonstrations such as the Obon Festival, St. Mary Magdalen Fiesta, JACL (Japanese Culture Day), and the Martial Partners Expo.

Shawn received his BA in Psychology from Cal-State Channel Islands in 2006. After graduating, Shawn worked for STAR Autism (Support and Treatment for Autism and Related Disorders) where he worked as a Behavioral Therapist & Supervisor, applying “State of the Art ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services for Children with Autism” and related neurodevelopment disorders.

Shawn is known for his lightning speed. Sensei Shawn has experience in many national/international open and traditional competitions and feels that it is important to share his experiences with the students. He has received many First Place and Grand Champion Awards in events including, Traditional Japanese/Okinawan Kata, Open Forms, Musical Forms, Men’s Black Belt Kumite, Showmanship, Traditional Weapons (with both Bo & Naginata), and Open Weapons (with both Traditional Kamas and Kamas w/ rope). Shawn is a two-time Bronze medalist (Individual Kata and Kumite) and placed Gold in 2007 and in 2010, being recognized as two-time World Team Kumite Champion (Ozawa Cup: Las Vegas, NV). See Sensei Shawn's karate lineage on the Shotokan family tree....

Sensei Ed Mundy got his first taste of Martial Arts at the age of 14 learning White Crane Kung Fu in Texas. While attending UC Irvine, he trained with Sensei Gary Tsutsui of Japan Ryobu Kai Karate who is under Sensei Kiyoshi Yamazaki. He transferred to UC Santa Barbara where he was exposed to Goju Karate under Sensei John Griffin and earned his black belt in that style in 1978. Mundy was selected as Team Captain for the UCSB team in 1979 and was able to train with many top Martial Artists from other styles. When the Karate program was disbanded from the college, Ed was asked to continue the Team and Club programs. Upon graduation, he set out to make his fortune and turned the club over to Shito Ryu Sensei John Sells.
At Oxnard Junior College, he ran into his senior, Warren Lu who was conducting a Goju Karate program there and was asked to assist. When the program was discontinued, Ed found Meibu Kai (Shito Ryu) Sensei Hideharu Igaki and trained with him for two years. When family and business took precedence, he took a lengthy hiatus. Not the type to sit still, Mundy set out to look for another traditional school and discovered our dojo. He says he was highly impressed after watching a group of black belts working out and felt this is where he belonged.


Camarillo Shotokan
1330 Flynn Road, Suite A
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 482-0307

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