Thousand Oaks Shito-Ryu Karate Club

  • Queensland Traditional Juniors Championships
    Last Saturday's tournament seemed to get a great deal of positive feedback from the visiting clubs. Especially in relation to its design for the young and low rank kids to experience their "first event". On our Facebook page there are a variety of pictures from the day some people have sent me or uploaded themselves (with some good ones of the Taiko drum performance).

    As previously mentioned, these events are all about the experience and personal development that occurs. There was a very broad range of kids receiving medals on the day, which was good to see, but most importantly it was how well the kids conducted themselves. They all behaved so well with good sportsmanship, respect for others and were so very engaged. They represented their respective ranks and dojo at the highest standard.

    Photo Photo
    Posted May 27, 2017, 4:54 PM by Jason Armstrong
  • Shito-ryu Fig Tree Pocket dojo visits UQ Okinawan dojo
    A big thank you to the University of Queensland dojo and Sinn Chew sensei for allowing a group of 10 Shito-ryu Fig Tree Pocket students to visit tonight. Osu!
    Posted May 11, 2017, 4:43 AM by Jason Armstrong
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  Class times: 

Tuesday 7pm-9pm
 Thursday 7pm-9pm

Dojo Location: YMCA Conejo Valley
Address:  4031 N. Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone 1 (818) 251-0570

  • Training open to both beginner and advanced students. 
  • Beginners can start at ANY time.  
  • We take kids from 12 years and older.

  • Fees and Membership: $52 per month.  Includes the annual fee and monthly fees. Membership includes Karate training and access to the entire facility and programs. (Monthly fees drop to $42 the year after)

    Signing Up:  Just drop in before class this week or on Monday 30 min before class to sign up, the girls Tori or Alethia at the front will help you.  

    Phone Number:  YMCA Office (805) 523 7613  /  Nick Cell (818) 251-0570 

    About the Instructors & the Dojo:

    The Thousand Oaks Shito-Ryu Karate Dojo was founded inside the company Amgen in 1994 and moved to the YMCA in 2013. The Chief Instructor is Nick Lukich Sensei (4th Dan). Secondary instructors are Pavel Bondarenko Senpai (2nd Dan) and John Whoriskey Senpai (2nd Dan) as well as Larry Daugherty Sensei (4th Dan).  

                                                Right to Left: Nick Sensei (4th Dan), Pavel Senpai (2nd Dan), Larry
                                                     Sensei (4th Dan) & John Senpai (2nd Dan)

    What is Karate?
    Karate is a Japanese martial art that is studied for self-defense, discipline, and the development of strong character. Karate literally means “the way of the empty hand”, and differs from sports such as kickboxing in that it focuses on the philosophical and technical approach to the art. Karate is not about learning how to fight or to intimidate others. It is about the process of self-discovery and understanding yourself and others as well as learning to be in control of yourself through physical and mental training.

    What are the benefits of Karate?
    • Fitness, Fun & mental well being
    • Strength & Flexibility
    • Self Defense & Confidence
    • Social Activities
    • Stable emotions & Clarity of thought
    • Challenges both the mind and body

    Classes will typically involve stretching, focus drills, bag-work and partner interactions. The traditional training will consist of: Kihon (Basic techniques – punches, kicks, combinations, sweeps, throws), Kata (forms and patterns which depict a fighting sequence), Ippon Kumite (single step fighting), Kumite (free fighting – green belt level and above only) and Bunkai (self defense partner work). There is no contact permitted in training for safety reasons.

    Sensei Nick Lukich (4th Dan),
    Nick Lukich Sensei is the chief instructor of the Thousand Oaks Shito-ryu Karate Dojo.  He began training in Shito-ryu Karate in 1994 under Jason Armstrong Shihan, 7th Dan and has trained in Japan, Australia and the USA.  He was an uchi deshi while living in Australia and co-founded the University of the Sunshine Coast Karate Dojo in 2003. In addition, he has competed in tournaments in both the USA and Australia.  See Nick's karate lineage on the 
    Karate family tree....
    Sensei Larry Daugherty (4th Dan), has been training for 33 years and teaching for 28. He earned his black belt degrees in Shotokan karate under Sensei George Takahashi at the West L.A. Karate School and also trained under Sensei Frank Smith (Shotokan), Sensei Victor Young (Shotokan) and Sensei Jason Armstrong (Shito Ryu). He has been a member of the Amgen Karate Club since its inception in 1994. See Sensei Larry's karate lineage on the Karate family tree....   

    Senpai Pavel Bondarenko (2nd Dan),

    Pavel Bondarenko Senpai began training Karate in Ukraine during his teenage years. In 2007 he began training again under Nick Lukich Sensei at the Thousand Oaks Shito-ryu Karate Dojo in California. He holds the rank of 2nd Dan and assists in teaching in the dojo.

    Senpai John Whoriskey (2nd Dan),  John Senpai began Kenpo in the 1980s and switched to Shito-ryu in 1994 under Shihan Jason Armstrong. he received his black belt by travelling to Japan in 1998 (where Jason Armstrong was living at the time) and testing under Sotokawa Sensei 8th dan and Iba sensei 8th Dan (of Renbukan). He has continued to be an instructor in Shito-ryu dojo Thousand Oaks (formerly the Amgen dojo). 

    Style and Affiliation: Shito-Ryu
    This traditional style of Karate is a blend of two major styles: Shito Ryu – known for its explosive energy and self-defense applications and Shotokan – known for its philosophical approach to the art and the use of large hip actions. This club is affiliated with dojo (schools) in Japan (Sensei Uetake 8th Dan), California (Sensei Young - Shotokan - 6th Dan), and Australia (Shihan Armstrong 6th Dan).

    Upcoming Events:

    See our calendar...

    4031 Moorpark Rd

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