Belt certificate template

Certificates for Martial Arts & Karate Belt Rank
Sensei - "Avoid spending days designing a certificate for your student belt tests"       

  • the below picture comes in a powerpoint template you can edit
  • Kanji options for the style name Aikido, Judo, Karate, Goju, Shotokan, Shito-ryu all included
  • Kanji included: Karate, certification (menkyo), kanji for dates, Japan, numbers 0-10, dan ranks, selection of country locations & kanji for the word sensei... - all kanji have translation maps
  • powerpoint & PDF template files provided which allows you change any symbols and text
  • save yourself days of time seraching for graphics and doing a layout
  • download instantly after purchase
The features of the "Martial Arts & Karate Certificate Template" are listed in the below 2 diagrams: 

The system is simple - simply purchase and download the file. All graphics are inside the powerpoint file and the first slide of the file is the above template (completely editable).

Top 10 countries purchasing this certificate

Note: you must own a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint to open this download and make any changes to the default design.

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