Art of War for Business Video


The"Art of War" for Business Video - strategies taken from the martial arts 
- based on Sun Tzu's famous Philosophies & modern business examples


          A course covering:

          - Business Strategy
               - paths & approaches 
               - real world examples
               - Partnership strategies 

         - Leadership & Negotiation 

         - Brief physical drills to relate principles 

         - Operational Efficiency Lessons
               - Business plans
               - Strategics plans
               - Project managment

2 ways to acces the full video course:


The instructor, Jason Armstrong, Ph.D., has worked at CEO levels in companies in the USA, Japan & Australia and has studied martial arts for more than 25 years (including living in Japan with a Master). The seminars cover the competitive side of business, strategy, and implementing a clear mind with stable emotion for decision making. Modules include:

The workshop video (which is based on corporate seminars) are PowerPoint based lectures with some physical drills to explore the concepts. The video course is taken from USA and Australian workshops which are typically 2 to 3 hours in duration.

Contents of Strategy Video & a typical workshop:

1. Strategy 
    – 5 key areas assessed according to the "Art of War"

2. Business model & Approach 
    -Partnering, marketing, production, distribution      
3. Economic climates and actions 
4. Market – obstacles & competition
5. Leadership & motivation

6. Discipline and Structure

7. Company Structure and Order

       Strong leadership, a strategic plan & pre-programmed systems are important for 
       stability & performance:
       - Business Plan, Project management, Business development tracking, SOPs…

8. Go into Empty Markets, & Striking  Voids 
         – avoiding competition & high barriers to entry

9. Head to head battles & price wars

10. Effective S.W.O.T Analysis
11. Understanding Competitors 
    (Know Others):
12. "Avoid Strength, & Attack Weakness"
     Don’t meet force with force...
13.  Interactive Discussion Period

Brief primer article related to the "Art of War" for business

Appying the Art of War to business is often talked about but what does it really mean?

The Art of War is recognized as the most comprehensive text on strategy. Applied Zen's approach of applying the Art of War to business includes the ettiquette and networking side of relationships using lessons from the real business world, martial arts (budo) & "Zen" philosophy & strategy. Additionally, the classic text "Tao de Ching" is applied to the Art of War, and business examples, to emphasize that change is inevitable in either networking or other business contexts. Fast response to change through efficiency and strategy is stressed in Sun Tzu's Art of War, and the correlations between the Art of War and modern business are extremely strong which is why it is often quoted by leading corporate executives & business schools. "Zen" concepts are innately built into Sun Tzu's Art of War text, however, it can be further expanded when one considers that "Zen" relates to understanding oneself (either a company, or an individual) in detail using standard business planning practices. When combined, the Art of War, Zen, and business lead to an insightful approach to S.W.O.T. analysis to aid business growth. 

Complimentary Resource Download - for Martial Arts business owners: 

   Karate Business Plan document covering:

What do financial people and bankers look for in a business plan?

What sections should I write in business plan?

How can I do a business plan that helps me grow my own martial arts?



This is a Very  
 Impressive Program!"

Greg Story, Ph.D. 
General Manager 
Shinsei Bank

"Real world corporate examples of business strategy and models tied to Sun Tzu allow a unique perspective on business growth..."

Bob. M., U.S.A.

"An information rich video that really gives someone concepts and tools to better succeed in the workplace. The download process made learning from home easy."

Kevin D., U.K.

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