Annual Karate Camp in Qld 2011

Australian Karate Camp (Gasshuku) September 2011

Multi-Style camp: 
All Japanese/Okinawan Karate styles welcome

karate camp queensland australia


Featured Instrcutors:

Shihan Jason Armstrong (6th Dan) - lived with a Master in Japan and has competed in international kata & kumite events 

Shihan Rod Martin (5th Dan Seiwakai Gojuryu) - has trained and run clubs in the UK & Australia. Rod has degrees in both Bio-Chemistry and Acupuncture 

Sensei Garry Edwards (5th Dan, Shito-ryu) - International Karate Association world champion 1991 & Koshiki World Titles 3rd place 1994, Ozawa Las Vegas multi-placings 2010 

Sensei Peter Wetherspoon (5th Dan, Koryu Uchinadi) - has competed internationally & operates the Toowoomba karate dojo 

Retreat location: 

Camp Duckadang - Brisbane Valley
117 Avoca Creek Road. Linville, Qld, 4306. Ph (07) 5424 8122


Friday 23rd September 

2pm-9pm - check in (for those who purchased accommodation) - dinner at Linville Pub for those interested (your own cost).

Saturday 24th Sept.

6-8am: Kihon by Sensei Garry

10-12: Seipai Kata & Bunkai by Shihan Jason

12-1pm:  Lunch

2:30-3:30pm - Kihon principles and stance - Shihan Rod Martin 

3:30-5pm - Kata: Kurrurunfa - Shihan Rod Martin

5-6pm - Instructors meeting: 

6pm- Dinner 

7-8pm Medical effects of street fighting Dr. Jason Armstrong, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD

8pm Bonfire & Networking 

Sunday 25th October 

6-8am: Pinan kata bunkai - Sensei Peter

10-12 noon: Ippon kumite & Kunite concepts


2 options for attendance & Cost: 

1. Training Activities only (no food/board)

  - $80 (Traditional Japanese Karate Network dojo members) 

  - $90 (for people from dojos who not a Traditional Japanese Karate Network member) 

   -$15 if you decide to pay for single classes (and not register for full event)


2. Fri & Sat nite accommodation + all meals + training 
  - includes all meals  Sat &, Sun 
  - includes all training Activities & Classes 

  - price $135 for 2 nights accomm., food & training 
     (for people from Dojos who are members of the Traditonal Japanese Karate Network) 

  - price $145 for 2 nights accomm., food & training 
     (for people from Dojos who are are not members of the Traditional Japanese Karate Network) 

Inquiries: email us , or call Garry 0420 855678

What to bring 

Pillows & sheets to cover mattress 
Blankets and/or sleeping bag 
Non marking shoes for hard court 
Bats, balls, tennis, etc 
Water bottles, towel, hat, sunscreen, toiletries, uniform etc 

Camp Site has 
Large grassed playing areas 
Multi purpose hard court for tennis, ball sports
Kids play ground


Seipai kata DVD download video karate bunkai