Annanko (Ananku, Ananko) Kata History & Bunkai
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Kyan Chotoku annanko inventor
The Kata has at least 2 stories around its origins - both Taiwan related. One is that it was a fighting from native Taiwan and moved to Japan/Okinawa from there. The other, by historian John Sells (8th Dan), is that Kyan Chotoku (a Okinawan karate practitioner who lead to the founding of the Shorin styles) went for a time to Taiwan and upon returning to Okinawa, he began to teach a new kata called Ananku. This historical note suggest Chotoku had created it as a basic kata from techniques developed from or inspired by his Taiwan adventures.

Left: A photograph of the reported founder of the Kata Annanko - Kyan Chotoku.

The modern kanji representing Annanko, translate as "Light from the South".  See the below video clip for the kata's kanji (Chinese characters).

Okinawa taiwan annanko kata origin
 Okinawa's location in relation to Taiwan and China.

Regarding the sports karate world,  Anannko is not included on the WKF Shitei list (at least in 2009 that was the case). Shorin-ryu, Shorinji-ryu and Shito-ryu (with such sub-styles as Seito shito-ryu, Hayashi ha, Shitokai, Tani-ha, Shukokai & Renbukan) are the most often seen pratitioners of this kata.

The below LHS video is a version of the Kata performed in Okinawa by Shorinji-ryu (by one of Joen Nakazato sensei senior students in 2009). 
Joen Nakazato (1922-2010) was the last surviving direct student direct student of Kyan Chotoku

The below RHS video is a portion of a 46min teaching video on the kata, its history & bunkai by Shihan Jason Armstrong (of a Tani shito-ryu lineage) & Sensei Greg Scovell.

Annanko kata bunkai  video

Annanko Kata & Bunkai       
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This video (partial preview above) includes bunkai and the Kata is performed fast and slow at different angles including a slow instructor-based walk-through of the pattern. Bunkai for the entire kata are referenced to an evidence based approach related to street, emergency, police & UFC data/statistics. 

Shihan Jason Armstrong, 6th Dan, and Sensei Greg Scovell are the primary instructors & demosntarters in this video. Nick Lukich (Amgen Dojo) also demonstrates a version of the kata. Shihan Jason's shito-ryu version of the kata was filmed when he was a 5th Dan at a time shortly after he returned from living in Japan in 2002. The bunkai was filmed in 2012.